Financial Aid

Financial Aid



Fellow Classmates:

Life is not always as fair as it should be. We work hard, but after decades of hard work we have little to show for it. Or maybe a divorce took your money, an investment scam ripped you off, or just the horrible economy is the cause for your shortages. I understand. For that reason we are going to create a fund to help those less fortunate classmates be able to attend this years 40th reunion. Here is the process:

First we need to generate some funds to assist others. Of course, at this early stage we have no way of knowing how many students will not be able to attend the reunion because of financial difficulties. But keep in mind, any unused monies will be returned. You can give anonymously or use your name and take credit. We will mention those students who were the most gracious in our awards ceremony, but only if you give us permission.

We are only going to pay for a classmate to come and not for their guest or spouse, at least not initially. At first we are going to try to limit our grants to only cover the cost of the event which is $110 per person. Depending on our resources and the demands, we may attempt to give the needy an additional $100 to cover travel cost and other event cost. Of course, if we have few people in need of help and lots of generous donations, we will attempt to help those who might need additional lodging or travel money.

For those of you in need. The money is not a loan, we are going to give the money to you. If someday you want to pay it back, great, but it is not necessary. Maybe when you are back on your feet, you can help a fellow classmate at our 50th. Don't be shy, we are not going to question you as to why you are short of money, we trust you (of course if you show up driving a Jaugar, we might be upset). Your request for money and our payment will be kept in total confidence. Do not use this website. Only two people will know of the donations, request, and payments. Myself and our Treasurer, Jimmy Gadzia (Graham). Mail all donations/checks to .

Jimi Gadzia
P. O. Box 1835
Roswell, NM 88202-1835.

Those of you who are requesting money should communicate with Jimi directly via her email:

Again, please do not feel shy or embarrassed about seeking aid, we just want to see you again!

I look forward to seeing you at the reunion.  Douglas Schulz