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Tom Dunlap

Tom Dunlap

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02/07/17 09:14 AM #1    

Douglas Schulz

This is sad news for all of us. May Tom rest in peace. Tom was always a top quality individual in all he did. I remember what a solid guy he was in high school. Though I was not close to him as an adult, we did  share some conversations and e-mails and I always enjoyed his candor. He will be missed by all. Schulzy 

02/08/17 09:16 AM #2    

Sam Murillo

I was really sorry to hear about Tom's passing.  He was one of a kind.  As straight a shooter as you could find.  One minute he put on a rough, tough appearance and the next minute he was gentile as a lamb.  He encouraged me so much as I recovered from my medical event in 2013.  Will miss you, buddy!  Rest in peace.

02/08/17 10:35 AM #3    

Linda Wilson (Weldon)

Dear Tom,

We did not know each other well at Goddard, but we had more in common as older adults.  Not in politics, but in compassion.  Thank you for all your encouraging words while taking care of my mother on hospice medical care.  You will be missed!  Blessings ~ Linda

02/08/17 01:59 PM #4    

James Torpey


A few days ago I was notified of Tom's early departure. When we moved to Rowell in 1969 we moved in to a house on the corner of 7th and Lea. I didn't know anyone and the walk to school was easy, but lengthy. One day I was walking to school and this guy stopped me and asked me if I wanted a ride to Goddard. I said yes and got in the back of his blue HI open top truck. Funny thing was there were already several kids sitting in the back. Tom picked up all of us stragglers regardless of race or ethnicity. In some ways he was a weird dude with a killer wit, but he was also a deeply compassionate person. I was honored to have him serve as my Best Man at my wedding in Charlotte, NC.The summer before our senior year we took a trip in his javelin to the Rockies, the Grand Canyon, and Utah. The next summer we hit Chicago, New York City and Philadelphia where my Long lost relatives lived. We wad a great time in Boston as nobody cared how old we were. I haven't seen Tom in  long, long time. interestingly, I called Tom a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving 2016. You see, I'm writing a book of my life and all the places I've lived and seen and find myself  a better person because of Tom. His wit, his quick humor, and his adventureous nature. God Broke the mold when he passed. God Speed, Tom





02/10/17 09:25 AM #5    

George Smith

Tom first meet one summer day in 1968 in the mountains.  Tom's cabin was behind my Dad's and I hiked up the road to meet Tom.. The funniest thing I can say about remembering that day is we both bet each other who could shot a BB at ones big toe.  Well, the bet was on I told Tom he could go first, so with good aim by Tom he fired his shot a my big toe,  not knowing to Tom I pulled my toe back inside my leather boot, and Tom fired, and not a flinch from me.   Now it was Tom's turn to stick his big toe and take the my shot.  Takeing great aim and see that Tom was wearing canvas tennis shoe, you could see where his big toe was, and I fired boy could he jump around.    We were both in ROTC in high school, and we were both in ROTC at NMSU, Tom in Aif Force and I was in Amry.   Tom was also my RA at my dorm at Garcia Hall, he was two door down from my room  Since Tom as my RA and it was his job to check rooms and restroom to make sure we kept the room clean.  I had a 4 man rubber raft and I blew it up in my room and it took up alot of room, I knew Tom would shortly come to my room the check it out, I hide in the restroom waiting for Tom to come in , the door opened and Tom just looked at the rubber raft then he just shut the door and did not check my room or restroom   Tom and Gary Eberhart went down to Juarez to just buy some booze, Tom was driving we crossed  into Mexico got what we went for.   Now we had to cross back into USA,  we were stopped by the border guard he told Tom to pull over to the side to check us and the car.   Well Tom just told the gaurd Ok and Tom kept on going and we got the heck out of El Paso and never looked back.  I called Tom one week before his death and we talked , I was really surprised to hear about his death.   I will miss Tom alot and God speed to you. Tom.

02/14/17 08:23 PM #6    

Roberta Norcross (McKELVY)

It is hard to believe that Tom is no longer with us.  I knew Tom in my high school years because I dated his best friend, Jim Torpey.  My path did not cross Tom's until I started taking care of my 92 year old neighbor.  Tom was her lawyer, and we visited his office frequently.  He knew his law for senior citizens, and he was a great help to me.  I was impressed with his love of his home, and family.  In my book, anyone who says nice things about their mother is pretty much up there. My respect for Tom went way up.  Tom was always lighthearted, and we talked a lot about our HS days.  My contact with Tom was lost when I moved to Hendersonville, NC.  I learned of his death through this website.  Tom did much to make our last HS reunion a lot of fun.  He will be greatly missed.

Roberta (Rob) Norcross McKelvy 


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