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William Martin

William Martin

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01/25/21 08:55 AM #1    

Sarah Martin (Ogden)

Billy - You always got me in trouble in our English and History classes. Sitting in front of you in those classes was treacherous. . . But I never moved. Those were the best times. God bless♥️

01/26/21 07:21 AM #2    

Richard Elam

So sad to hear about Billy's passing. He was one of my first neighborhood friends. Yes, I knew him as 'Billy" just as all of you knew me as 'Richie'. What that means is that all of us met at a very young age - before we moved away and started asking our friends to call us by more mature sounding and dignified names. So as we are now seasoned, all knowing, and dignified elders, it appears to me that some of the best friends were those of our youthful days. For me, Billy was one of those. Whether it was playing sports with Billy, listening to records together, talking about girls, or just doing those things that young, goofy, adolescent boys do in their free time, he was a good, good friend and a quality human being. I have only the best and fondest memeories of our time together. Rest In Peace William ('Bill', 'Billy") Martin and may God welcome you with open arms into his Heavenly Kingdom!

01/26/21 09:58 AM #3    

Lew Goodpasture

My first experience with Billy that I can remember was back when we were 12, playng Little League baseball. Steve Cook and I were on the same team and we two and Billy were the "big" guys in the league. Steve and I were pitchers and we would alternate pitching every other game. As we were the "big" guys nobody hit much off us and certainly no home runs. I distinctly remember pitching one game and Billy came to bat. Not being very intimidated he hit my fastball a mile high and into the street over the right centerfield fence at Noon Optimist park. The next time we played him Steve was pitching and he did the same thing.  Fun guy to be around and I always considered him a good friend. Rest in peace Billy and may God bless you

03/13/21 08:27 AM #4    

Chris Carrigan

My first memory of Billy is Little League baseball.  Billy played for VFW.  Very tall and athletic for a 10 to 12 year old.   I once visited Billy and Lana in Silver City early in their married life.  And afterward I sort of lost track of Billy until about 2 years ago.  I am glad he found peace and happiness.  I consider Billy a close friend that I will miss.

03/14/21 06:28 AM #5    

Douglas Schulz

Like Chris Carrigan, I too visited Billy and Liana in Silver city. They were two of my favorite people. I always thought it was just so cute, that one of the tallest guys in high school, would marry one of the shortest girls in high school. Schulzy

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